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Category:Japanese cultureADULTS ONLY! Hey, I'm still here.... THE DEATH OF VIVIENNE WEST May 22, 2013 By Thomas H. Neubauer, Guest blogger We all know what happened in the movie “Psycho”. The protagonist, Sam, invited Marion Crane to stay at his home and asked her to rob and kill his wife. When Marion told him she was pregnant, Sam and his wife shared a laugh and decided to have Marion killed. Marion tricked Sam into killing his wife who Sam thought was Marion. A fight broke out between Sam and Marion. Marion used the knife she had stashed on the sink counter to stab and kill Sam’s wife. He then shot and killed Marion. Marion and Sam are two people with mental illnesses: Sam the mentally ill patient and Marion the mentally ill person who had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals. The movie shows how people with mental illness and their families struggle to try to understand their illness and how to treat the person with mental illness. It shows us that people with mental illness can become dangerous if someone with mental illness is not careful and others around him or her are not careful. Marion gave Sam a “gift” to be clever and make the mentally ill Sam look like a “madman”. I, like many people, have never seen “Psycho”. It makes me wonder: “What is the difference between mentally ill people and the mentally ill person who is dangerous?” The key word is dangerous. There are patients who are dangerous because they are not taking their medications or they are taking their medications and the side effects have caused them to behave so irrationally that they can become violent to themselves or others. If they are not stopped, they can harm themselves or others. There are some patients who become very angry and this anger can affect them and others around them. Most mentally ill people are unable to reason that others have the same rights as them. If we do not take care of our mentally ill family members or friends, they can harm themselves or others. As a society, we need to take the time to understand what mental illness is, what causes mental illness, and how to treat the mentally ill patient so that we can help the mentally ill patient live a happy life and not become a danger to themselves or others. Share this: Like




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Mediacom Karaoke Song Book Song Download verninn

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